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Vision and purpose



aritatea International Humanitarian Association is a nongovernmental organization (NGO), established on July 20th 1990, according to the legislation (Law no 21 of 1924).


RSIN / fiscal number ANBI:   823785373

Contact: Address: Mircea Eliade, 22, Cluj Napoca, Cluj, Romania, Postal Code: 400364

            Tel/Fax +40 264 438 050


Chairman: Malutan Iosif

Executive director : Ioana Tosa

Administrator: Petre Tosa

Economic director: Cornelia Campean

Cashier: Adriana Berendi

Social Worker: Delia Alb


Among them, there are many other volunteers and friends, comiteted to disability ministry and always ready to serve people in need.



The main purpose of Caritatea International Humanitarian Association is to support people in need, especially those with disabilities, providing social, material and spiritual support. 

We believe that people with disabilities are not different from us.  Their needs and temporary or permanent disabilities should not be obstacles in working with them, but rather strong reasons for us to help and support them, serving with great love.  Our employees and volunteers are willing to offer their help to these people, showing them love and proving their obedience to God.

In this way, Caritatea lives and grows from day to day, from year to year. In every domain of our activity we can see and feel the presence and power of the One who foresaw everything from the beginning and created the circumstances for the association to establish  and develop, finding and preparing the right persons  for this ministry. He chose people willing to serve, from all around the world and united them under His divine authority. 

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Caritatea Addresses

Mailing Address
Mircea Eliade,no 22,400364,


Physical Address
Nichita Stanescu Street,no3,Cluj-Napoca,Cluj,Romania

Phone & Fax

General Info:+40 264 438050
Office:+40 264 438050
Fax: +40 264 438050